The 3rd Annual ASFI Future in Films Festival 2021, is a single evening cultural event celebrating the artistic and technical achievements of young (13-18 years old) filmmakers from South Florida. Taking place in Miami, the event consists of an evening of short film screenings, filmmaker Q&As, and it will be an opportunity for young filmmakers to do networking.

The Festival will only allow filmmakers between the ages of 13-18 to submit for consideration to the festival. The Festival will also exclusively consider short films produced after January 2020 for "Official Selection" and screening. A select panel of local cinema programmers, notable filmmakers, and industry professionals will select the most noteworthy submissions to be included in the evening's program.


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How we are dealing with Covid-19

As a result of Covid-19, ASFI partnered with Miami-Dade County, the White Elephant Group, and FilMiC Pro Mobile Video to focus technical-skill mentoring goals on emerging technologies in mobile filmmaking and post-production software. As our mentoring team prepared to transition to online-based programming, our mentors were able to engage our new program sponsors and the innovative technologies they donated, going on to research and implement the new pedagogical techniques developed for use online teaching via video platforms like Zoom and Google Classroom. Having been provided access to innovative, emerging production technologies by our sponsors, and having researched and implemented new pedagogical techniques for our students, our team went on to develop new mentoring goals which allowed our program to shift its entire model online without subduing the substance or quality of the programming while managing to maintain the one-on-one mentoring model which has historically made our program so successful. The ASFI 2020-21 programming year continues to be one of ingenuity and innovation; born of circumstance, but nurtured alongside our generous funders, sponsors, and donors by a brilliant, dedicated staff of mentors and administrators who stand at the heart of our organization.

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