Futures in Film Festival 2023


Introduce Concepts

Together with industry mentors, students explore underlying concepts essential to the art of filmmaking. Previous workshops studies have included concepts in dialogue study, directing actors, production leadership, abstractions in image composition, texture and color theory, and dialogue mixing. We help to build a complete foundation for our students to grow in this industry.

Expert Mentorship

ASFI partners with renown industry professionals to bring cutting-edge technical and artistic expertise to participating students. Previous and current program mentors include award-winning filmmakers behind such titles as Iron Man 3, the Transformers Saga, The Walking Dead, Moonrise Kingdom, the multiple Emmy and Golden Globe winning series Modern Family, as well as the Academy Award winning film Moonlight.

Expand Horizons

In addition to cutting-edge training in advanced technologies, students are challenged to confront an array of obstacles in leadership, group dynamics, accountability, team-building, logistics planning, and project management. As a result, the program aims to instill confidence, leadership, and team-building skills in each participating student. Life skills that will serve them for years to come.


How are we dealing with COVID-19...

As a result of Covid-19, ASFI partnered with Miami-Dade County, the White Elephant Group, and FilMiC Pro Mobile Video to focus technical-skill mentoring goals on emerging technologies in mobile filmmaking and post-production software. As our mentoring team prepared to transition to online-based programming, our mentors were able to engage our new program sponsors and the innovative technologies they donated, going on to research and implement the new pedagogical techniques developed for use online teaching via video platforms like Zoom and Google Classroom. Having been provided access to innovative, emerging production technologies by our sponsors, and having researched and implemented new pedagogical techniques for our students, our team went on to develop new mentoring goals which allowed our program to shift its entire model online without subduing the substance or quality of the programming while managing to maintain the one-on-one mentoring model which has historically made our program so successful. The ASFI 2020-21 programming year continues to be one of ingenuity and innovation; born of circumstance, but nurtured alongside our generous funders, sponsors, and donors by a brilliant, dedicated staff of mentors and administrators who stand at the heart of our organization.


The After School Film Institute (ASFI) brings notable film professionals into middle and high schools around Miami-Dade County, introducing students not only to the tools and crafts involved in the modern, technically-complex craft of film making, but also providing mentoring to students with the aim of building life skills such as leadership, group dynamics, accountability, time and deadline management, as well as introducing them to modern tools which assist in organization building and project management.

In its involvement of distinguished industry and community leaders, ASFI aims to bring together the South Florida community under a single banner with a unified goal: Offering students opportunities to create original works with guidance and mentorship of leading industry creatives; ultimately resulting in a pipeline between participating schools and creative industries.

ASFI students have participated in national and international film festivals, and have even gone on to construct their own media businesses directly out of high school, servicing clients throughout the state of Florida with their new-found skills and invigorated talents. Additionally, many ASFI alumni have been accepted at some of the most prestigious film schools in the country.




ASFI is the premier after school youth film program in South Florida. With the support of internationally recognized production equipment manufacturers and notable, award-winning industry professionals, ASFI's student-helmed projects have screened and won awards at both national and international film festivals, as well as been broadcast nationally on PBS Television and PBS Online. ASFI alumni have gone on to study cinema and film production in prestigious universities all over the country, as well as had their work screened and awarded at student filmmaker competitions all over the world. ASFI is supported with a generous grant from the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs, as well as support from industry leaders such as Lectrosonics, Sennheiser, the New York Film Academy, K-Tech, and many others.

ASFI - Classroom
ASFI - Classroom


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Educator + Artist
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Every dollar goes towards providing underprivileged students with unique opportunities to explore and create the projects involved in the filmmaking process under the supervision of celebrated industry mentors. Help our kids to "dare to dream..."

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